Introducing: A Better Content & SEO Audit

Today, we’re launching a new service: the Animalz Content and SEO audit.

Click here to hear Andrew and Ryan talk through the audit process

When you pay a company to audit your site content, you usually end up with the same two deliverables: a data dump of page load times, URLs and error codes, and a keyword list a mile long.

But without the right context, these findings often create more questions than they solve: How can I rank for that keyword? How much do my page load times matter? Where should I get started with these changes?

Most content audits are not geared toward writing good content.

They contain lots of data, but they skimp on the strategy and writing expertise required to make it truly useful. They offer-up a smorgasbord of potential changes, but provide little in the way of prioritisation. It’s all rubber, and no road.

Learn more: A Better Content & SEO Audit.

Here’s how the Animalz Content and SEO audit is different:

  • It’s strategy-led. An Animalz audit isn’t just a spreadsheet of keywords to hit. We'll share concrete recommendations to strengthen your marketing strategy and create a clear, prioritized road map for future growth.
  • It’s opinionated. You want to know how your content compares to the best on the web, and we’ll tell you. We’ll share our expert analysis of your content, based on our experience generating millions of page views for companies like Google, Intercom, and Wistia.
  • It’s educational. We’ll share briefs for your first post-audit articles, and ideas for improving your existing content. Audits come with videos that break down concepts, and annotated articles that show different approaches.

Instead of creating questions, our audits solve them. We’ll identify the strengths and weaknesses of your blog. We’ll share the exact strategy we think you should pursue. We’ll tell you which articles to write, and how.

Want a glimpse of what our audits look like? We ran the Animalz blog through the whole process. Here’s what we found.

Our audits are designed for companies with established blogs (>100 articles as a rough benchmark) that want to improve their site traffic and search performance.

For an idea of the impact an Animalz audit can have, one early customer saw an immediate 12% MoM increase in organic traffic—equivalent to 200k additional users—as a result of their recommendations.

If you’re looking to improve your blog performance and you want to learn more about our content and SEO audit, check out the landing page to learn more.

Learn more: A Better Content & SEO Audit.