How Agencies Can Provide First-Rate Customer Onboarding | Episode 33

Onboarding is perhaps the most fragile phase of the customer lifecycle. It’s a time for establishing relationships, building trust, and demonstrating to your customer that you’re able - and excited - to make good on the ideas and vision shared during the sales process.

A successful onboarding experience makes the customer feel heard. They are excited about the future and confident that you - their partner - will help them bring their vision to life.

A fraught onboarding experience involves too much talking (by you), not enough listening, leading to uninformed actions that do more to divide you and the customer than build trust between you.

So what’s the secret to successful customer onboarding? I sat down with our VP of Operations, Haley Bryant, to get answers. She spent 5 years running teams at Apple and 2 years directing customer ops at Brazen Technologies before joining Animalz and transforming the way we onboard and service customers.


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