Announcing a Few Big Changes at Animalz

Animalz was founded on the belief that content marketing is one of the most effective tools for helping businesses grow, because it is a practice grounded in helping customers solve their problems.

Animalz has grown in the past five years through that mission, using content to help our customers launch new companies, accelerate growth, and develop deeper relationships with their customers.

It is in that vein that we announce some exciting changes happening at Animalz:

Devin Bramhall, formerly VP of marketing, has been named CEO. Haley Bryant, formerly VP of operations, has been promoted to COO.

Additionally, founder Walter Chen will serve as chairman of Animalz and form a holding company, Golden Wok, under which our former VP of growth, Jimmy Daly, is launching a new company.

Devin, Haley, and Jimmy joined Animalz in 2018 as the company’s first leadership team and together helped build a customer-centric company obsessed with content excellence. One article at a time, they’ve turned a scrappy startup into a thriving business, more than doubling revenue in two years.

“I’ve always wanted to work somewhere that feels like a sandbox for people who love what they do,” Devin says. “Animalz is that sandbox. I’m grateful to be leading a team of passionate writers, editors, strategists, and marketers obsessed with creating the world’s best content for our customers.”

Devin began her career as a content marketer, leading teams at several tech startups and teaching at the Startup Institute and the General Assembly. She founded the popular tech-event series The Master Slam, produced TEDx talks, and served as the executive director of Boston Content. Before joining Animalz, Devin was the director of content at Help Scout.

Haley has worked in operations for over 10 years, previously running customer success at I Done This and at recruitment-marketing platform Brazen. Haley trained through the inaugural class of the Apple leadership program, and her experience leading store teams of 100+ people store has helped her operationalize customer success and team development at Animalz.

“Building out our customer success program and developing our growing team has been hugely rewarding,” Haley says. “I’m excited to focus my energy on initiatives to continue leveling-up our customer experience and help each and every one of our customers win bigger with content.”

“Historically, content marketing has been a growth mechanism used primarily by B2B Saas,” Devin says. “Today, the power of helpful, human content is available to everyone, and we’re helping companies in new industries — like ecommerce, finance, and logistics — to connect with their customers, build their brand, and grow to new heights.”