Content During a Crisis [Live Show] | Episode 43

In our first-ever live podcast, Devin and Jimmy talk about content marketing during a crisis.

We talk through a few situations that we're seeing our own customers experiencing and take questions from the group. You can watch or listen below, and you can see a few questions/comments from the attendees.

Here are some of the great things people shared:

From Rachel Burns:

At ActiveCampaign, we released our webinar free resources package sooner than we originally planned — as more businesses move events online, we thought it would be a helpful free resource:

From Alicia Johnston:

I definitely recommend launching a community if you don’t have one. Ours has been great for our customers (and non-customers alike) to crowdsource ideas and best practices. But it’s also been a fantastic resource for our content team so we can create the best content possible! FWIW, we already had ~1500 people in this group before “relaunching” with a new name/new invitations when all this happened.

Yes! To clarify, we already had these groups, but what we’d planned was a rebrand/relaunch. This is our main group, for social media pros from any company (lots of content folks here too!) And this one is agency-specific: We’d welcome all of y’all! :)

From Heidi Cohen:

For Sales calls—I love the idea of getting a group of people on each call. I recommend recording the calls so you can transform these questions into other content. It’s the Marcus Sheridan’s They Ask, You Answer at its best. Once you do this, you can create a set of FAQ that you can create related posts to help your sales going forward and search.

From Carmen Choi

I work for a childcare software company and the last 2 weeks have been CRAZY pumping out covid content to support teachers + families - so work has been ramping up and there’s a hard pivot towards building an online community between parents and early childhood educators right now. The velocity right now is a def challenging.