What Brands Can Learn From Big Publishers with Parse.ly’s Andrew Montalenti | Episode 49

Often at Animalz, we talk of the distinction between a content publication, and a content library.

Most content marketing strategies—rightfully—depend upon organic search as the primary driver of their traffic. But from our own data, that means that as few as 17% of visitors ever return to your content.

Instead of addressing a single audience of loyal, engaged devotees—like a publication—most content exists to answer a single search query, before the visitor disappears back into the ether. In that way, most blogs are more like libraries, loaning out a single book in response to a single visitor’s question.

But in an age of saturated search results and “zero click” searches, over-relying on organic search traffic may, in the not too distant future, pose problems for content marketers.

In today’s episode. I talk with Andrew Montalenti, Founder and Chief Product Officer at content analytics platform Parse.ly.

We use Andrew’s experience working with some of the world’s largest publishers—the likes of WIRED, The Wall Street Journal, and Medium—to explore the changing face of content marketing. We talk through “platform-risk” and the growing need to diversify marketing channels; we dig deep into content attribution and analysis; and we share “publication”-inspired strategies that B2B and B2C brands can apply to their own content marketing.

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