Welcoming Kristen Craft as Our New General Manager

Today I’m excited to announce that I’ve appointed Kristen Craft to Animalz's senior leadership team as the company’s first General Manager.

Kristen will lead our Strategist team and work directly with department heads to continue improving the services and systems that allow us to create the most helpful content on the web for our customers:

“Teaching others with content is the most effective way to build trust and relationships. Having been an Animalz client myself, I've witnessed the team's unparalleled ability to elevate and amplify a company's message.”


Kristen has over a decade of experience in marketing, business development, and operations at companies including Wistia, Ovia Health, Tettra, and Tortuga.

Her accomplishments include launching Wistia’s agency partner program and driving 10x growth in partnership revenue, tripling Tettra’s monthly sign-ups through content marketing, and launching Ovia Health’s customer success summit.

As a graduate of the MIT Sloan School of Management and the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Kristen brings extensive experience to the team in both strategy and coaching:

“As GM, I'm excited to contribute my experience as both a strategist and coach. I want to find new ways of knocking our customers' socks off, and I want to do it by helping everyone operate at their fullest potential.”


I’m excited that Kristen is joining the team. She embodies the teamwork, kindness, and pursuit of excellence that underpins the Animalz way.

Her experience leading teams and developing marketing strategy for a host of incredible startups makes her the perfect mentor for our team of strategists, and a true advocate for our customers.

Connect with Kristen on LinkedIn or Twitter.