How to Level Up Your Content Marketing Career: Work at Animalz

The best way to accelerate your career is to seek out an environment that facilitates rapid growth. That means surrounding yourself with great people and challenging problems. Animalz is that place for content marketers.

As a content marketing agency, we live and breathe writing, editing, marketing, and strategy. Our business model incentivizes us to train and retain talented content marketers. We have a great team that cares about delivering top-notch content to our customers. We aspire to be the best content marketers in the world.

We're hosting a Q&A session about working at Animalz.

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If you're a good content marketer, you have options. Here's why we'd like you to consider Animalz. (If you're already sold, check out our jobs page.)

Broad Exposure to the SaaS Industry

We work with a number of well-known SaaS brands. Each comes to us for content strategy and creation, but all have different challenges to overcome. In some cases, customers are eager to grow organic traffic. In others, they want to use thought-leadership content to share ideas. Some customers need content to support a lengthy sales cycle, some are interested in long-form ebooks and white papers, and still others want content but need help putting together a strategy from scratch.

Beyond their content needs, each customer has a different business model, budgetary constraints, cultural influence, technical infrastructure, goals, timelines, personalities, etc. No two customers are alike. Learning how to manage accounts, set expectations, build strategies, and write great content is what makes a well-rounded content marketer.

Feedback from Professional Editors on Every Article

There are very few SaaS companies that employ or contract with an editor to support their content team. It's easy for in-house content marketers to get feedback on content performance, but not structure, tone, style, ideation, and grammar.

Our business only succeeds if our content is top-notch, which is why we have a team of editors and copy editors that work with writers on every single article. Each new piece of content is reviewed at least three times, meaning that writers get personalized feedback on every word they write. If you want to level up your writing skills, this will condense a few years of progress into a few months.

Access to Training and Workshops

Our team members have diverse and interesting backgrounds. We have a Cambridge-educated neuroscientist, the former executive director of Boston Content, a lawyer turned entrepreneur, and a hedge fund analyst, just to name a few.

We spread each individual's knowledge to the rest of the team through workshops, training, and office hours. Opportunities to learn and grow are cherished here.

Part of a Growing Startup

Everyone on the team plays a vital role in growing this business. Yes, we have many of the same growing pains that all startups experience, but here's how we think about it: We have a lot of interesting problems to solve, and we want your help solving them.

Here are just a few examples of interesting problems we've been working on:

  • Calculating the unit economics of a flat-fee service business
  • Building workflows that eliminate overhead and repetitive tasks
  • Mapping out the career trajectory of Animalz employees (see below)
  • Developing new products and services to (1) sell to existing customer and (2) open the door to new business

It's not all rainbows and unicorns, but it's compelling work if you're a person who likes to solve problems.

A Clear Growth Trajectory

It's easy for startups to say they care about their employees, but it's another thing to draft a plan for each person's career growth. We want our employees to grow and succeed within the company, so we created a career trajectory that encourages people to:

  • Land: hone their content and writing chops
  • Expand: develop specialized skills
  • Specialize: turn those specialized skills into new lines of business.

Perhaps most important: There is no speed limit. We promote people as quickly as they make progress.

A Great Team

It's hard to quantify this with data, so you'll have to trust us on this one: Our team is first-class. People care about the work and about each other. We work hard, we celebrate our victories, and we support each other through challenging situations.

We're always looking for more great people to join our team, so check out the jobs page if we've piqued your interest.